Happy Wednesday!  Go grab your kettlebell and get ready for the FOF Forty.  Thankfully, you don’t need a ton of time or space to complete today’s workout.  In fact, you will likely finish in about 20 minutes, so we’ve included a little jump rope circuit as a bonus if you have some extra time.

Today’s workout will hit your entire body, and it includes some cardio as well.  You will want to select a weight that is challenging for you, but that you can use to complete all movements.  Break this workout into sets, but make sure you complete your 40 reps before moving to the next exercise.  Here we go…

FOF Forty

REPS = 40

  • Swing Snatches or Clean and Jerks per arm 
  • Squats
  • Rows per arm
  • Lunge and Presses (count each lunge)
  • Chest Presses per arm
  • Leg Lifts

**For the single arm exercises, alternate arms as needed.  Just make sure you get to a total of 40 per arm.**


  • 40 Double Unders + 40 Flutter Kicks (2 count)
  • 30 Double Unders + 30 Flutter Kicks (2 count)
  • 20 Double Unders + 20 Flutter Kicks (2 count)
  • 10 Double Unders + 10 Flutter Kicks (2 count)

If you cannot perform double unders, substitute high knees or single jumps for the jump rope.

Have Fun!

I hope you enjoy this workout.  It is a great total body workout, and you can change the exercises to just about anything.  Make sure you keep a good eye on your form so that it does not begin to fade as you get into the higher reps.

Want more workouts?  Come join us for a week for free at any of our FOF locations.  Not local?  Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel and to this blog so that you don’t miss any of our weekly workouts.

Enjoy your hump day!


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