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that are holding you back

About Us


we are Josh and Kenzie Presnell.

We are health and fitness enthusiasts, lovers of great food, and the parents of two crazy kids.

We help everyday people, like you, live the life you desire – you absolutely can – by working with you to determine your destination, equipping you with the knowledge you need to get there, and teaching you real life action steps that will enable you to renew your mind, restore your body, and reclaim your life.

we exist to change lives & strive to show others how they can eat, live, and train on purpose, with purpose.

We began our journey as personal trainers in 2008.  We were so tired of quick fixes, yo-yo diets, pills, and fads.  We knew that there was a way to create a healthy balance of fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness.  We decided to challenge what we had always been told about what we should eat, how we should exercise, and what we were doomed for as we age.  We gathered as much knowledge as we could, began to implement it, and we used ourselves as an experiment.  The experiment was a success for us, and we have now put our experience to work for hundreds of our clients.

At k+j, we help you remove the barriers that are holding you back.  We believe that you deserve to be healthy.  We believe that relationships and community are vital to the success of anyone’s health and fitness journey.  We believe that small changes, done consistently, make the biggest impact on your overall wellness.  

We aren’t a big corporation.

We are a small group of individuals that have a passion for helping people.

So much of what is done at k+j is still hashed out at our kitchen table.  We still put ourselves through each and every workout before we put it out to anyone else.  We still make learning and educating ourselves a priority so that we can help others. We still have one focus –




Regardless of where you are on your health and fitness journey, you have the ability to make choices that will make today better than yesterday. We are here to help you learn HOW to think, train, eat, and make changes with the right perspective. We believe in you, and we are ready to help you start or continue your health and wellness journey.


Have you "tried everything" except for the one thing that actually works?


Have you started and stopped numerous programs, and you don't know why you keep stopping?


Have you struggled to implement the knowledge that you have when it comes to your health?


Have you ever wished you had a workout program that maximizes your time, fitness gains, and improvement of all aspects of fitness?


Have you ever wanted to be a part of a community that supports, encourages, challenges, and motivates you?

at k+j, we believe in YOU. 

we believe that you are your best return in investment.

We believe that you can set yourself up for success.  We believe that you can create your life and day to work for you and not against you.  We believe that change occurs through the small, seemingly insignificant choices that you make each day.  We believe that no choice is too small to make a difference.  We believe that you must get your mindset right and approach health and fitness with the correct perspective to make lasting changes.  We believe you are in the driver’s seat, not the passenger’s seat of your life.  We want to help you enjoy the journey of making health and fitness a priority in your life.  

workouts, recipes, fitness tips, and our favorite ideas to keep you motivated on your health and wellness journey

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