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Halloween candy.  For many people, myself included, Halloween candy is a temptation that can be tough to resist.  It’s everywhere.  Between the candy bowl at the office, treats at home, and the post Halloween candy collection, it can be tough to stay away.

Don’t fret.  We’ve got some tips to help you stay clear of the Halloween candy.  So, before you go buying up the candy aisle at Target, read on, and get ready to conquer that candy temptation.

Just wait.

Let’s be honest.  You aren’t going to save money by waiting to buy your Halloween candy.  But, why in the world do you need a stash of candy a week or two before Halloween?  If you are like me, that bag of candy just seems to call your name, even if it’s pushed to the very back of the pantry.

So, why tempt yourself?  If you live in a neighborhood or area where you get a lot of trick-or-treat action, run to the store on your way home from work on October 31st.  Not today, not over the weekend.  That candy has no reason to hang out in your house any longer than it must.

Remember, if it’s not in the house, it’s a lot easier to avoid it.  

Buy candy you don’t really like.

Snickers is my jam.  I love, like really, really love Snickers.  In fact, if there is a Snickers bar, especially a little fun size one, in my house, I am likely to hunt it down and eat it…along with a few of its friends.  So, guess what?  I absolutely do not buy Snickers if I am buying Halloween candy or any other special occasion candy.

If you love chocolate, you probably aren’t crazy about fruity candy.  I could live without Skittles for the rest of my life, so if I buy candy, it’s likely Skittles, Starbursts, or any other fruity candy.  Suckers can be a great buy for Halloween candy.  How often do you go around craving a sucker?  Probably never.  Kids love suckers, so you won’t be “that” house, but you also won’t be tempted to sneak a few out of the bag that you promised would be for trick or treaters only.

Seriously, don’t buy something that you know is a trigger for you.  Grab your least favorite candy, and throw that in your Halloween candy bowl. 

Buy an alternative to candy.

Halloween with no candy?  What?  Yes, it’s possible to buy alternatives to candy for the neighborhood kids.  This is actually what we prefer to do, and it’s always received really, really well.  Head on over to Amazon or Oriental Trading and stock up on some cheap goodies.  A few of our favorites are:

  • Pencils
  • Glow in the dark bracelets or rings
  • Stickers
  • Bubbles
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Slime or Putty
  • Spider Rings
  • Vampire Fangs

You can get this stuff for very, very cheap.  Plus, you really only have to give out one or two toys instead of an entire handful of candy.  This means you don’t have to purchase nearly as much.

Give it a try.  I bet you will be pleasantly surprised by the reaction from your kids.  Bonus: You can easily donate any extras to a school or your church for treasure box prizes.

Introduce the “Candy Witch (or Fairy).”

So, you did great, and you didn’t buy any Halloween candy.  But, now your kids have mounds of it, and here comes the temptation all over again.  The trick in our house is to get the candy out of the house as soon as possible.  We actually don’t go to very many houses because our kids really don’t need that much candy.  But, they still end up with an overload.

Over the years, we have finally developed a pretty good system.  We let the kids eat pretty much what they want on Halloween night ONLY.  Then, they each get to pick two pieces of candy that they can have each night for the week.  Each kid gets a bag, and that’s where they stash their candy.  The rest of the candy  goes to the “Candy Witch (or fairy).”

See, the Candy Witch comes on Halloween and takes their candy bag.  She replaces the candy with a very small toy (think small lego set, chapstick, coloring book, markers, football, etc).  The kids wake up, the extra candy is gone, and they have a fun new toy.  

Now, the real left over candy….I typically donate it to any teachers that I know, or we take it to church.

Check out a buy back program.

Over the years, a growing number of dentists, orthodontists, and health practitioners have started buying back Halloween candy.  You can check out the Halloween Candy BuyBack program to see if there are any participating locations in your area.  Even if no offices are listed, check around your local dental offices.  You are bound to find someone that will either buy the candy back for various items or make a donation to a local charity for your kids’ Halloween candy.  Other great organizations to check out include Operation Gratitude and Soldier’s Angels.

If you can’t find anywhere, consider buying back the candy from your kids.  It might cost you $5 or $10, but in our house, that is money well spent.  A few dollars will save me hours of a sugar rush followed by a sugar crash.  Worth it.

You can conquer the candy.

You’ve got this.  Hold off on buying your candy until the last possible minute.  I don’t recommend procrastination often, but in this case, wait, wait, wait.  Buy candy you don’t care for.  Definitely never walk out with a bag full of your favorite. Sugar is like a legal white powder…you open that bag, you are going to want more.  Try an alternative to candy this year.  Introduce your kids to the Candy Witch or Fairy.  Finally, check out a buy back program, or just encourage your kids to donate their candy.

Happy Halloween!  I promise, sugar crazy adults and kids are tough to handle.  Let’s take it down a notch this year.  You won’t regret it.


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