When it comes to breakfast, and you are beginning a primal or keto lifestyle, the obvious start is scrambled eggs.  I like scrambled eggs…every once in a while.  When we transitioned into a primal lifestyle years ago, I found that I got tired of scrambled eggs quickly.  For most of my life, I had relied on cereal, toast, waffles, or some sort of processed carbohydrate to start my day.  We took that away, and I was left with eggs and bacon for breakfast….or so I thought.

If you are tired of the same boring scrambled egg breakfast, check out some of our favorite ideas to kick your morning off right.  

Rocket Fuel Latte

The Rocket Fuel Latte, from Leanne Vogel is one of my go-to breakfast options.  Most mornings, we are a little rushed, so this is a quick and easy breakfast that I can take with me in the car as I run the kids to school or get ready for a class.  I have been a fan of butter coffee for years, but this latte takes coffee to a whole new level.  It is packed full of healthy fats, and it tastes amazing.  Not only is it yummy, but it keeps me full until lunch.

If you are following a keto lifestyle, you need to put this in your stash of breakfast ideas.  Also, if you don’t have Leanne Vogel’s book, The Keto Diet, I would I highly recommend getting it.  It’s probably my favorite keto cookbook, and she has a very informative intro about the keto diet at the beginning of the book.

Yogurt Parfait

Dairy is definitely a gray area for many people.  If you are strict paleo, you are definitely not doing dairy.  For my family, we are not sensitive to dairy in moderation, so we have incorporated some yogurt and cheese into our lifestyle.  When it comes to dairy, it is important to buy FULL FAT, organic dairy whenever possible.  

For our yogurt parfaits, we switch them up quite a bit.  We start with either full fat greek yogurt or almond milk yogurt.  For greek yogurt, we usually buy the Chobani brand.  For almond milk yogurt, we like the Kite Hill brand.  Both of these contain plenty of fat, and they are free from added sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Once I get my yogurt dished, I add a scoop of almond butter, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, cinnamon, vanilla, and just a few blueberries.  If I have granola on hand, I throw some of that in instead of the nuts and almond butter, and it’s delicious.

If you are sensitive to dairy, or you don’t like the almond milk yogurt, I highly recommend trying chia seed pudding.  It’s super easy to make, and you can flavor it however you like.  I usually go with the lazy way, and I dump my ingredients into a mason jar, give it a good shake, and stick it in the fridge overnight.  For some great ideas on chia seed pudding combinations, check out this post by gnom-gnom.


I’ll be honest.  I can’t really keep granola in my house.  I absolutely love it, and if I have it in the house, I will find myself grabbing handful after handful all day long.  So, moderation is key for me here.  I love to eat granola in pretty much any form – as cereal, as a topping for yogurt, or just straight out of the container.  It carries healthy fat, and it can provide a great option when you are craving cereal.  My current favorite homemade granola can be found here.  I typically use almond butter instead of the peanut butter, and it still tastes great.  If you aren’t following a keto diet, you could really add anything to this recipe.  If I make a batch for the kids, I will add unsweetened dried cranberries, coconut flakes, and some dark chocolate chips.  For a store bought option, the granola from Julian Bakery is really good.  Both of these are keto and primal friendly.

Breakfast Casserole

You really can’t beat a good breakfast casserole.  My favorite casserole is one that my mom always made on Christmas morning.  It was filled with potatoes, eggs, sausage, and tons of cheese.  Since, we’ve cut out white potatoes for the most part, it was time for something new.  

A few months ago, I found this recipe.  It substitutes riced cauliflower (I use the frozen bag) for the potatoes, and surprisingly, I could barely taste the difference.  The kids don’t even notice that it’s packed with cauliflower.  I sometimes add spinach or peppers to this casserole to get in some extra veggies.  This casserole can be eaten for any meal, and I just about always serve it with a side of mixed greens.  If you are eating potatoes, this recipe from PaleOMG is also very, very good.  I often make breakfast casseroles as breakfast muffins.  Just pour the mixture into lined muffin tins and shorten the baking time.  This way, you can store any leftover muffins in the freezer.

Chicken and Apple Sausage

If you aren’t buying Aidells chicken and apple sausage, you should be.  If you’re at Publix, it’s near the Greenwise and other organic deli and cured meats.  You can throw them on the grill, stick them in the oven, or cut them and cook them on the stove top.  They have no added sugar, and they are good for any meal.  For breakfast, I pair a sausage link with half of an avocado and a huge serving of mixed greens.  I usually dress my breakfast greens with the Primal Kitchen Foods Honey Mustard dressing.  It’s a little sweet, and plenty tangy, so it’s great in the morning.  If you aren’t tired of eggs, two boiled eggs are a great addition to this meal.


For so many years, I felt like I had to eat breakfast foods for breakfast.  Five years ago, I would have never heated up a leftover taco bowl for breakfast.  However, once I changed my mindset about breakfast only being breakfast food, my options opened up.  Now, I love dinner leftovers for breakfast.  Broccoli at 8:00 am actually isn’t bad.  If you’ve got a leftover burger or some shredded chicken, don’t be afraid to heat it up for breakfast :).

Move Over Scrambled Eggs….

Hopefully, these ideas will help you change up your breakfast ideas.  Just changing your routine from a carb heavy or sugar loaded breakfast to one that contains some healthy fats and some vegetables can help start your day on the right track.  The fat will help keep you full until lunch and won’t leave you searching for a snack at 10:00 am.

Have some favorite breakfast ideas?  We’d love to hear about them!

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