Be bold. Big things happen when you decide to finally be bold. As I looked back over the last few years of my life, a common theme began to emerge. I had listed my goals, but something was missing. I was working toward them, but I was not really willing to go all in, to risk, or to take a leap.

The issue that I found was that I was lacking boldness. The more I read and dug through the last few years of my life, through goals that I didn’t quite hit, or changes I didn’t quite make, I realized that it wasn’t a lack of talent or resources that was holding me back. It was the fact that I was sitting on the edge of my comfort zone.

For me, I found that in order to do the things that I wanted to do, to accomplish the goals I was after, I needed to suck it up and be bold.

Be bold.

In this week’s Mindset Monday, I am diving into this topic of boldness. The definition of boldness is willingness to take risks and act innovatively; confidence or courage.

See, I found that there are three things that you can do right now to make you more bold. Take a listen as I explore each three in detail.

Mindset Monday – Be Bold

Live boldly.

You can live your life boldly. As you get ready to think about your goals and intentions for 2020, I want to encourage you to be bold. You don’t have to settle for standing on the sidelines. Get in the ring. Get your hands dirty. Decide to get uncomfortable.

Change doesn’t have to be hard. Coaches exist to help you, to guide you, and to push you to be bold in each area of your life. We offer a one on one coaching program that will help you make long term changes in your life. The program is called Project You, and it will help you get from where you are to where you want to be. You’ll learn how to approach all aspects of health and wellness in a sustainable way so that you can get off the roller coaster of quick fixes and crash diets. If you are ready for serious life change, book a free call with us here.

Enjoy the rest of your week. Know that you are worth the risk of being bold.

– KP

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