Are you tired of doing something that “works” until it doesn’t work anymore? It’s like those same 25 pounds that you lose and gain over and over again. Short term results are different from long term success. If you want long term success, we’ve found that there are four questions to ask yourself. I don’t know about you, but we’re interested in the long game…the results that last forever, not just a few weeks or months.

Four Questions

In today’s Mindset Monday, I’m diving into the questions that I ask myself before I begin any program. In addition, I use these as a great evaluation tool to see if I’m on track to meet my goals. Over the years, asking these questions and reflecting on my answers has enabled me to approach my goals with a different attitude and perspective.

Grab a pen, and take notes as you listen. Write down these four questions and post them somewhere that you will see them.

Mindset Monday – Four Questions

Get in the long game.

It’s time to stop looking for quick fixes and shortcuts. You’re ready to play the long game and get results that last for a lifetime. You don’t need something that lasts for six weeks or even a few months. It’s time to make changes for good.

I did reference a few other Mindset Monday episodes in this chat. If you haven’t already listened to them, take a listen to Practice and The Top. Both of these episodes are great and tie in so well to the four questions.

Do you need help getting started? If so, take a look at the FOF 21 Day Jump Start. The Jump Start is packed full of information, and it includes daily action items that will help you start making small, positive changes. You can get started here.

You’re ready.


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