Anybody else love a good EMOM?  The workout format of every minute on the minute is one that I fall back on when my creative juices aren’t really flowing and I just need to get a workout in.  An EMOM workout doesn’t require a ton of creativity, the intensity is always high, and I can use absolutely any exercise or equipment that I have access to.  Today’s workout is similar to a version we did this week at Fixed on Fitness, and it definitely got me sweating.

If you are ever short on creativity or time, just whip out an EMOM.  If you need great workout ideas, we post workouts weekly on this blog or on our FOF YouTube channel.  Here are the details for today’s EMOM.

EMOM x 5

You will definitely need a clock for this workout.  If you have a kettlebell, grab that too.  If you don’t have a weight, simply sub any other exercise for the weighted ones that we have listed.

Take 2 exercises at a time, and perform them every minute on the minute for a total of 5 minutes {5 rounds}.  The goal is to complete both exercises as fast as possible so that you get some rest before the next round begins.  After your 5th round, take 2 minutes of rest before beginning the next EMOM set.

All REPS = 10

  • Swings + Thrusters
  • Push ups + Mountain Climbers (2 ct)
  • Rows / arm + Jumping Lunges
  • Squat Jacks + Burpees

Even with a 2 minute break after each 5 minute set, you will still be done in under 30 minutes.  Add some running in between rounds if you have extra time on your hands.

Start your Clock

Get it done.  Think…5 minutes at a time.  Work as hard as possible on each round until you finish your 5th round.

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You’ve got this!  Just think how great you will feel when you are done :).


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