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How did your day begin today?  Was it calm and relaxed?  Or, did you get up on the third snooze, jump in the shower, grab your coffee, and head to work?

Sadly, most Americans start their day rushed, tired, undernourished, and already flustered before they even walk out the door.  What if there was a better way?  Establishing a morning routine can help calm the chaos of your day so that you can stroll out the door and into work in a calm state, ready to tackle the day.

The Typical Morning

Think about this scenario for a minute.  Your alarm dings.  You hit snooze.  Oops, you hit the snooze button one too many times.  Now, you have officially overslept, you rush out the door with coffee and a crappy breakfast, hurry to work, and then finally breathe once you sit down and open your email.  But wait, upon opening your email, you find 200 new messages that need your attention.  I surely hope you don’t walk into 200 emails, but you know what I mean.

How does this scenario set up your day?  Are you more or less likely to make healthy choices?  What about actually make it to your workout?  Do you have the energy it takes to complete your work effectively?  Oh yeah…your day probably isn’t done after work.  After a rushed, chaotic day, how do you handle cooking dinner (do you actually cook on these days) and sit down to do homework with your kids?  Finally…it’s bedtime.  But wait, you are exhausted but yet can’t fall asleep….the cycle begins again.

Get Up

Just get up.  I wish I had the opportunity to sleep until my body naturally woke up on a daily basis.  However, that is not my life right now, and I’m guessing it isn’t your life either.  So, since you made the effort to set an alarm, try getting up when it goes off.  Snooze is great in theory, but the snooze button equals delay.  If you really have 15 extra minutes to sleep, set your alarm for 15 minutes later so that will actually be able to sleep, and then get up when the alarm goes off.


Cotton mouth.  It’s real, and coffee doesn’t fix it.  For years, the first thing I put into my dehydrated body was a good old cup of coffee complete with sugar and cream.  Yikes.  I moved to black coffee a few years ago, but up until last year, coffee was still the first thing I reached for in the morning.  Listen.  Your body needs some water after snoozing for hours.  Instead of grabbing your coffee mug, start with a nice, big glass of water.  Then, you are free to run for the good stuff.


Some people love morning workouts.  I happen to be one of those people.  However, a 5:30 am workout isn’t for everyone.  If you are a fan of afternoon workouts, make an effort to at least do some basic movement after you get up and have your water.  Run through a mobility routine, take a short walk,  or heck, do some burpees.  Just take five minutes to move before you jump in the shower and rush out the door.

Eat Real Food

Real food is good.  Cereal is not real food.  In my opinion, if you are going to eat cereal, you might as well skip breakfast.  The food marketers definitely don’t agree with skipping breakfast, and they have led many of us to think that breakfast is a must.  Well, the only thing you are likely to get from the big bowl of cereal is a sugar crash and “I’m starving” feeling around 10:00 am.  If you are going to eat breakfast, eat real food.  Eggs, nuts, seeds, avocado, full fat dairy {if you tolerate it}, or leftovers from the night before are all great options.  Don’t have a great option?  Skip breakfast and wait until lunch…you will survive, and no, you won’t kill your metabolism.

Change Your Routine

By making a few simple changes in your morning routine, you will find that those small changes will have snowball effect over the course of the day.  You just might find that you are less stressed getting the kids to school and as you start your work day.  You will likely make a better choice at lunch which will give you energy to finish out your day strong.  If you workout in the afternoons, because of your positive choices throughout the day, you find that you crush your workout instead of simply going through the motions.  Finally, you sit down with patience left in the tank, and you go to bed in a calm state.  Now, you wake up refreshed.  The positive cycle begins.

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Conquer your morning.


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