Happy Monday! We have officially made it through Turkey Day. I hope that you had an awesome holiday with your family.

Around the holidays, it seems like this struggle of getting back into a routine after so much celebrating is tough. Some of us may have made some poor choices. It’s like we “fell off the wagon” or whatever that phrase is that so many people use when they eat too much and skip workouts.

If you fell, what’s stopping you from getting back up? Getting back up is what keeps you moving forward. Waiting, making excuses, or just sitting there will keep you stuck.

It’s not the fall, the bad choice, or the skipped workout that will get you…it’s waiting to get back up.

So what, now what?

The principal at our old school had a great saying, and it was this – “So what, now what?”

You messed up. So what. Now what? I love that saying, and I think it’s such a great reminder of how we need to view some of our not so great choices. We can’t change them. But we can change what we do next.

In this week’s Mindset Monday, I’m diving into this topic of getting back up.

Mindset Monday – Getting Back Up

Don’t Wait

So, how will you make the next 29 days count? How long will it take you to get back up? Are you going to wait to make a change, or are you going to do something now?

So what, now what?

Need some help? Make sure you check out our FREE Facebook group. We’ve got some great resources there to help you on you get back on track. Ready for a real change? Check out our health coaching program, Project You.

Have an awesome week! We are to help you however we can.

– k

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