Practice brings progress. Right? 100%. Consistent practice is necessary for any change to take place or goal to be accomplished. So, how do you approach practice?

I saw a statistic this week that said by this point (3 weeks into January), 80% of people have already given up the resolutions that they made January 1st. 21 days. What happened? Did they practice? Were they consistent? Why did they give up?

It’s easy to neglect practice or think it’s unnecessary, but without it, lasting change does not occur. Change does not happen without practice. Our attitude and mindset toward practice makes all the difference. It’s important to think about your attitude and your mindset so that you can determine how you approach practice.


In this week’s Mindset Monday, I am diving into the art of practice. How can we become consistent? What can we do to control our attitude? Does the approach that we take matter?

I’m discussing four things that I believe will help you not only stay consistent with practice, but they will also help you to continue on the path to long term change.

Mindset Monday – Practice

Go Practice

If you want to change, you have to make a change. Maybe you need to take a different approach than you have taken in the past. You might need to change the way that you view and think about practice. Top level athletes show up for practice for hours each day…doesn’t that make you think that we should too?

You have the tools you need to make the changes you want to make. Your mindset makes all the difference. I talked about having a mindset of scarcity vs. a mindset of abundance last week. If you missed it, take a listen here.

If you’re making changes, you’re committed to practicing, but you want some support along the way, make sure you are in our FREE Facebook group. Get active in there. Comment, ask questions, get encouragement.

You’re ready. Ask yourself this question today…how do you approach practice?

Have an awesome week!


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