The noise. It’s loud. You know, I was sitting at my son’s lacrosse game last weekend, and I started to notice all of the noise on the sideline. Parents are yelling, coaches are yelling, referees are yelling, and the team is yelling. Information is flying from every angle. Some of it is probably great. But, most of the information being given is conflicting information.

Let’s go ahead and be honest…youth sports are the perfect practice ground for patience and self control. I’ve totally been known to yell at my kid or give my advice. Yes, I have contributed to the noise….many times.

Last week, I decided to sit back and observe. I started to think about how much this noise that I was witnessing on the sideline relates so much to the noise we deal with in our everyday life.

This got me thinking. How do I deal with the noise? How do you deal with the noise? Who do you listen to, and who do you ignore? Navigating the overload of conflicting information is the topic that I’m diving into in this week’s Mindset Monday.

The Sideline

Over the years, I’ve found that narrowing the information out there is key for me. Find a few trusted sources, or get a coach, and get your information those that you trust.

Figure out who’s opinion is worth listening to, and who’s you should maybe ignore.

Once you get the information, it’s time to execute.

Take a listen to this week’s Mindset Monday.

The Sideline

It’s go time.

You have access to great information. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information, maybe you should look at investing in a coach. A coach has already filtered out the information and can make sure that you receive exactly what you need.

You have people in your corner. If you’re part of the FOF Training Center, you have a group of people ready to help, challenge, and walk with you as you grow and change. If you’re not a member of FOF, Josh and I are still here to help. You can jump on the phone with us, and we’ll chat with you about a few strategies you can implement right away. Book a time here.

You have the tools. But, without execution, the perfect tools and an all star support system are useless.

Get ready. You can do this. We are here to help as we can.


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