Life is BUSY.  Sometimes we just need a minute to recharge.  This weekend, for my family, we needed a major recharge.  Things have been crazy.  We’ve been walking through some valleys lately.  Even after some rest, I was still feeling like my batteries were drained.  This weekend, we were blessed by a friend to stay in her beautiful condo on the beach for the Blue Angels air show.  

With the chance to wake up to beautiful ocean views, watch the sunset on the beach, and have no housework, I made the commitment to actually relax.  I have a tough time slowing down.  In case you feel the same way, I’ve got a few tips to help you actually recharge instead of just plodding through the next opportunity you have to actually refresh your soul.


I’ll admit it.  I am a workaholic.  I bring my computer pretty much wherever we go, even on vacation.  Often, I use the early morning hours to get a few small administrative things done, answer emails, edit a video, or just research something random about health and fitness.

I believe that many of you are probably the same way.  We live in a day and age where responses are expected immediately, and there is a pressure {especially when you are a small business owner} to be available 24/7.  What if you just put the phone down?  What if you didn’t answer an email?  The simple decision to put work away can allow you to finally break away from the constant day to day items that are draining you all week.

This weekend, I made a commitment to put work away.  My to-do list is 10 miles long, but I had to allow myself a break.  Instead of seeing the notification of my reminders, emails, and text messages, I turned my phone to airplane mode so that I could take pictures and not be consumed by what I needed to do.  See, even when I tell myself I won’t respond to an email, simply checking it sends my mind into work mode.  Instead of being present and focusing on my family, Josh and I start talking about work, and I begin the list of what needs to be done when I get home on Sunday.

Turn it off.  Unplug.  Even two and a half days without my phone allowed me to refresh my mind and my soul.  I picked up a book instead of checking Facebook.  I played a game of battle with the kids instead of telling them to hold on while Mommy finishes this email / text / post, ect.  If you do put that phone away, I promise, you will immediately begin to relax.  It’s an amazing thing.


Confession.  I am an extremely active person.  However, when it comes to the beach, I am a sitter {or a floater when it’s so hot outside}.  I could literally sit in my beach chair all day for days and be perfectly happy.  Josh is quite the opposite, and my kids move at 100 mph all day long.  Instead of happily sitting this weekend, I told myself I would play.  I would do what the kids are doing.  Instead of watching from the shore, I would participate.

So, I did.  My butt maybe touched the chair for a total of an hour or two in two days.  And you know what, it was awesome!  I swam with the kids.  Thankfully, the Gulf resembled a lake this weekend, so we swam far.  We went to the sandbar…way out.  We kicked on the float with our masks on and hunted for shells.  Our whole family went out on the paddleboard and had a blast.

The pool was all about flips and handstands.  We played games and laughed.  I let the kids jump and splash without asking them to go to the other side of the pool.

Play is something that we miss as we become adults.  However, play is vital to our soul.  It is important, and we don’t do it enough.  If you have kids, you have some great opportunities to play each and every single day.  I live with some really cool tiny humans.  Taking them time to play and participate in what they were doing this weekend was awesome.

Break Your Routine

The Presnell family thrives on routine.  We all, with the exception of Paisley, really appreciate structure.  We always let things slide a little on the weekends or on vacation, but we rarely just completely throw routine out the window.

This weekend, we were all over the place.  From late night fireworks and dessert at the pool to a past midnight bedtime because our cousins arrived, we pretty much said whatever.  It was freeing.  Instead of winding down after showers, we got sandy at 10 pm.  We went out to the beach with our flashlights, let the kids run wild in the sand, and we tried to teach them how to catch sand crabs which was semi-successful.

Meals were at random times, the kids ate more junk than they have consumed in a very long time, and it was okay.  We made fourteen trips to the beach and back and then back to the pool.  Our kids really probably didn’t shower well for 48 hours, and their teeth brushing was questionable.  But, they had a blast and we had a blast.

Sometimes, you just need to break from the ordinary.  It does everyone good to just say whatever sometimes.  I knew it was back to our routine come Monday, so taking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and appreciating the randomness was pretty refreshing.

Appreciate Your People

Like I said, life has been a bit chaotic lately.  The kids have been everywhere, I have been teaching all day, and Josh has been running all over the place.  We haven’t sat down together for more than a meal in what feels like weeks.

Sadly, this can become a new normal if you allow it.  Slowly, everyone begins to drift, and before you know it, you are just all living under the same roof checking in a few times a day.  Sometimes, we need to reconnect.  We need to talk.  We need to just spend a little time sitting with each other, talking to each other.

This weekend, I had a little time to just look around at my people.  They are fun.  They make me laugh.  Yes, they drive me completely crazy a lot of the time.  But, when I sit back, I am able to find some beauty in the craziness.  Whether you have a spouse and kids or just a good group of friends, appreciate them.  These people that you hang out with, whether they are friends, family, or both are your tribe…love on them, spend time with them, and be thankful for them.

You Can Recharge!!!

You don’t have to go anywhere to recharge your batteries.  It doesn’t take an expensive vacation or two weeks off of work.  All you need is a weekend or a few days off.  You can hang around the house, or you can go somewhere fancy.  

Try to unplug, to play, to break your routine, and to appreciate your people.  It might surprise you that in less than 72 hours you can refresh and recharge yourself so that you move into your work week ready to go instead of just slugging through looking forward to next weekend.

Enjoy this life.  Be present.  Appreciate the little things around you.  You will be grateful you did.

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