Lunges, burpees, and jump rope make for a great combo in just about any workout.  I love this workout because it is quick, it works  just about everything, and I am sweating by the second round.  Grab your jump rope, and get ready for today’s workout.  Don’t have a jump rope?  No problem.  Just do high knees without the rope.

5-10-20 x 10

Complete this workout as fast as possible.

  • 5 Jumping Split Lunges (2 count)
  • 10 Chest to Floor Burpees
  • 20 Double Unders OR High Knees (2 count)
  • x 10

Get Going – Get it Done!

Get it done!  Don’t wait until later.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, or Monday, or next week.  Do it today!

Happy Sweating!


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