Life is short. Make it count. But, how do we really make our short time here actually matter? How do we live each day with purpose so that we can be sure that we leave an impact?

Over the last few years, I watched a friend from college leave an impact that I will never forget. We were in the same Kappa Delta pledge class at the University of Florida in the happening year of 2000. Whitney was someone that you would immediately pick out of a crowd. With blond hair, big brown eyes, and tan skin, she was beautiful, but she was also incredibly kind. She was smart, funny, and she had a deep love for people. After two and a half years of fighting, her battle with cancer ended a few short weeks ago.

She was kind enough to share her journey with so many. She was raw, open, and honest with the battle she was fighting. I have never seen anything like the path she walked. Nothing seemed fair…she was young, had three young kids and a husband, was loved by so many, and was a light in this world. Her circumstances were not what anyone would choose. Yet, she walked with a faith, grace, and dignity that gives me chills to even think about. At her celebration of life, her pastor said these words…”It’s too bad that dying is the last thing that we do because it teaches us so much about living.” One thing that Whitney said over and over and over was “make today count.”

Make it count.

Whitney’s life impacted so many, including my own. Her constant posts to “make today count” made me take a hard look at my own life. How am I living? Am I living with purpose? Am I making today count?

Mindset Monday – Make it count

Ask these questions.

Whitney used the hashtag #whitnessthis. If you look it up, you’ll be moved by the stories and the impact of this young woman’s life. Her life was an incredible testimony of how you can live fully and make every single day count. As I was reflecting, here are a few questions I began to ask myself.

  • What is most important?
  • If it’s important, does my life reflect that?
  • What I am doing that really doesn’t matter?
  • How do I best impact and serve?
  • What does make it count mean to me?
  • How would I have acted differently if I knew today was my last day or this year was my last year?

We are going to have so many opportunities placed in front of us today and this week.  Let’s take advantage of them and make today count. I hope that my friend’s life will impact you to go make a difference today.


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