Rest. The benefits of rest are unmatched. However, rest is something that is so easy to overlook, especially as we enter busy seasons of life. With the holidays coming up, the demands on our schedule are high. We are busy. We live in a world that feels like we will never have enough time or get to the bottom of the do do list. Most of us are stressed, tired, overworked, and overwhelmed. It’s vital to make sure that we are resting both physically and mentally.

Often, the first thing that we sacrifice when things get busy is rest. We grind on, running on extra coffee and then crashing at night. We push our body and our mind. However, we can only push and grind for so long. To make long term gains and actually begin to excel in life, we must be intentional with rest. The benefits of rest are incredible and include muscle recovery, increased physical performance, better productivity, enhanced focus, better creativity, and repair within the body.

If we want to perform, we have to rest, and we have to recover. In today’s Mindset Monday, I’m discussing some of the benefits of rest as well as ways to incorporate rest into your workout routine as well as your daily life.

Mindset Monday – Rest

Ask yourself this week…

How will you incorporate rest this week?

What can you say no to?

What can you remove?

How will you balance your workouts?

How will you make time for self care?

What does rest actually mean for you?

What do you run to instead of allowing for downtime?

Have a great week. Make time for rest. Make time for recovery. Go have fun.

Go rock this week!

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