A quick kettlebell workout…sounds easy, right?  I feel like I have to preface today’s post with this…today’s workout was one of the toughest workouts I have done in a long time.  That said, it was awesome.  I love a quick workout, and this one is definitely quick.

I can’t say that Top of the Minute was very popular at Fixed on Fitness this week.  Everyone rocked it, but I’m pretty sure no one is going to be asking for it to make another appearance anytime soon.  

Grab your watch and a kettlebell, and let’s tackle Top of the Minute.

Top of the Minute

Go ahead and get your mind right.  The next 30 minutes or so are going to be rough.  I would recommend using your normal size kettlebell for this workout.  I definitely would not go heavy.

The structure of the workout begins every minute with the one exercise.  You then finish the minute with the second exercise.  You repeat this pattern until you hit 100 reps of the second exercise.  

For example, the first set is chest to floor burpees and thrusters.  At the start of every minute, you complete 5 chest to floor burpees.  Once you finish the burpees, you finish the minute with as many thrusters as you can do.  You repeat the burpees at the top of every minute until you hit 100 thrusters.

Set 1 – 12 Minute Time Cap

  • 5 Chest to Floor Burpees
  • 100 Thrusters

Set 2 –  10 Minute Time Cap

  • 5 Rows each Arm
  • 100 Overhead Swings

Set 3 – 8 Minute Time Cap

  • 5 Sit and Press
  • 100 Chest Press w/ Flutter Kick

If you are not efficient at chest to floor burpees, take the push up out of your burpee during every other round.  This will allow you to get a few more seconds to make a dent on those thrusters.


What did you think?  You could add absolutely any exercise variation to this workout.  If you have a barbell, thrusters, hang cleans, and deadlifts would be a great variation.  Double unders could also be a killer exercise to put at the top of every minute.

Get creative.  Remember, kettlebells are pretty easy to throw in your car if you are traveling over the holidays.  Grab yours, head to the garage or the park, and get this one done.

Want more workouts?  Come hang out with us at any of our Fixed on Fitness locations, or check out the other Wednesday workouts on the blog.


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