I love a good cardio workout. This combination of a run and burpees will not disappoint you. The Run and Burpees workout can be done inside using the treadmill, and you can actually sub out another piece of cardio equipment if running isn’t an option for you.

Get ready to give your best effort because this workout is all about maximum effort. You’ve got a 25 minute time cap, so plan accordingly. Here comes Run and Burpees.

Run and Burpees

You’ll need to start this workout by mapping out a one mile route. Make a note of where your half mile and three quarter mile markers are in case you have to cut the second run due to time.

The goal of Run and Burpees is to complete the workout as fast as possible. You should be running at around 75% of your max effort mile time. We do have a time cap of 25 minutes, so just adjust your run distance if needed.

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 50 Chest to Floor Burpees
  • 1 Mile Run

If you cannot run, you can substitute a 1500 meter row or bike in place of the run. Just make sure it’s a sprint effort.

Get Going

Enjoy this one. Run and Burpees is a great benchmark workout to track your progress. Keep track of your mile times, and compare them each time you do the workout.

If you struggle to find motivation to do workouts like this on your own, come check out Fixed on Fitness. We’ve got a group there to help hold you accountable and encourage you along the way. Our experienced, certified personal trainers lead each workout and are there to help you and provide any necessary modifications.

Your first week is always free, so why not come check it out? We’d love to meet you, and we promise not to hassle you if FOF is not your thing.

Want more workouts? Check us out in Instagram and make sure you are following the blog. We post a new workout every week, and you can find an archive of workouts we’ve posted in the past.

Happy Running.


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