This strength, cardio, and core workout is a favorite workout at Fixed on Fitness. It combines fast moving strength work with cardio and exercises to strengthen your core. My favorite part of this workout is that each section is short and focused, so before you know it, you have completed the entire workout.

Grab a kettlebell and a jump rope for this workout. If you don’t have a jump rope, you could substitute a run for the jump rope portion of this workout. Get ready for the strength, cardio, and core workout known as 3.2.1.

The Structure

The structure of this workout is simple. It is a strength, cardio, and core workout. You will focus on one set for six minutes. The first three minutes are strength work {example: 60 overhead swings}. Your goal is to complete the reps of the strength circuit as fast as possible with good form. If you finish in less than three minutes, you get some rest.

When the clock hits three minutes, you begin two minutes of cardio work {either jump rope or burpees}. You perform the cardio work until the two minutes is up, which will be five minutes on the clock.

At five minutes, you will begin one minute of core work {example: v up}. Once your clock hits six minutes, your set is over. Take a one minute break before moving to the next six minute set.

The Workout: 3.2.1.

6 minutes per station = 3 minutes strength + 2 minutes cardio + 1 minute core

  • 6o Overhead Swings + Jump Rope + V up
  • 40 Rows per Arm + Burpees + Plank
  • 60 Chest Presses with Flutter Kick + Jump Rope + Russian Twist
  • 40 Clean and Jerks (20 per arm) + Burpees + Reverse Crunch
  • 60 Walking Lunges with Weight + Jump Rope + Bicycle

As an example, the structure for set one would be 60 overhead swings in three minutes, two minutes of jump rope, and one minute of v ups for a total of six minutes.

Enjoy the Strength, Cardio, and Core Workout

I really hope you like this workout. If you don’t have a kettlebell, I highly suggest you purchase one. You can get a kettlebell for a decent price online at Wal-Mart. If you need a jump rope, I actually love this inexpensive one from Amazon.

Do you need motivation to get your workouts done? If so, you aren’t alone. Most of us work so much harder in a group atmosphere. If you aren’t part of a fitness community, come check out Fixed on Fitness. The FOF community is amazing. Jump in for just a week, and you will be encouraged, challenged, motivated, and held accountable. You will laugh, work incredibly hard, and make new friends. One of our professional, certified personal trainers will be there to welcome you and guide you. Your first week is FREE, so why not just give it a try?

Good luck with this one. The structure of the strength, cardio, and core workout is solid, so try a few variations of your own. Need more workout ideas? We post workouts regularly on our Instagram stories, and you can find our Wednesday Workout archive here.

Happy Wednesday!


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