Grab a Kettlebell, Work Hard, Get Some Rest

I love any workout that rewards hard work with rest.  This workout has small bursts of intense work, but that work is matched with quite a bit of rest.  You will need a kettlebell and about 36 minutes to complete this workout.  I would recommend going...
A Kettlebell and the Number Forty

A Kettlebell and the Number Forty

Happy Wednesday!  Go grab your kettlebell and get ready for the FOF Forty.  Thankfully, you don’t need a ton of time or space to complete today’s workout.  In fact, you will likely finish in about 20 minutes, so we’ve included a little...
A Kettlebell and the Number Forty

Wednesday Workout – Grab your Watch

It’s time for another Wednesday workout.  This week, you will need to grab your watch.  You will also need a weight and a medicine ball.  If you do not have access to equipment, go ahead and substitute any body weight exercise into the structure...
A Kettlebell and the Number Forty

FOF Workout – Kettlebell Right and Left

Today, we are working a lot of single arm exercises.  Instead of alternating arms, we will be rolling through a series of exercises on your right side before moving to the left side.  This is a tough one, so going a little lighter on your weight might be a...

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