So, we think that 10 years in business is a pretty big deal.  As we were thinking and reflecting on how we wanted to celebrate, the idea of a 10K prediction run was thrown out there.  See, we didn’t want a typical anniversary celebration.  You know, the kind with tons of food and way too many adult beverages.  We are here running a fitness business and promoting healthy eating here, so a binge eating and drinking celebration was off the table.

We went with the theme, 10 Years Strong, 10 Years Tough.  The course was mapped, times were predicted, and we all showed up at Bayview Park on Saturday, January 6th to celebrate 10 Years of FOF.

Planning an Organized 10K Can’t be that Hard….Right?

I want to start by saying…hat’s off to any race organizers out there.  Planning a race, even a FREE race, is downright stressful.  I’ve always been a participant and never a planner, so I have neglected to notice much of the work that goes into the actual race day.

We spent a few months planning this event out.  We knew we wanted to do some type of competition, but we didn’t want the winner to just be the fastest person.  Enter…the prediction run.  You predict your time, and the person closest to their prediction time wins.  We reserved our space at the park, we mapped the course, we planned water stations at homes that were located along the route.  We had t-shirts made, we started organizing food, we recruited volunteers, and then we asked for predictions.

If you don’t know me, I’ll tell you something about myself.  I LOVE Excel.  I have spreadsheets for everything, and this event came with about 10 different spreadsheets.  I had times, t-shirts sizes, actual times vs. predicted times, volunteers, water stations, and probably some with just our names or my random thoughts on them.  I’m pretty sure our volunteers were completely overloaded when I started handing them out on race morning, but they all smiled and acted like my OCD obsession with spreadsheets was totally normal.

The night before the run, we drove the route through East Hill with our chalk and made sure to mark every single turn.  Josh must have liked the chalk because each turn had about five arrows.  Long roads in between had arrows, water stops had arrows.  Who knew we would need 6 cans of spray chalk to map out 6.2 miles!?!?

Race Day

Race day started early!  Thankfully, The Drowsy Poet in Pace was open early and was ready for us with LOTS AND LOTS of amazing, hot coffee.  As we expected for January, the weather was cold, so we had a few doubts about how many people would actually show up.  We are talking about showing up at 8:00 am in January with temps in the low 30s for a race that you didn’t pay for.

However, one by one, they came pulling in.  Our volunteers (FOF campers) were the best EVER!  They each took on stations doing anything from passing out water at the water stations, to handing out t-shirts, to writing down finish times.  By start time, which was a few minutes late, we had around 100 people ready to run.  I think I got teary eyed a few times as Josh was putting everyone through the warm up.  My mind was blown, and I felt so incredibly thankful that so many people showed up to celebrate Fixed on Fitness.  Our people are truly what makes this business tick, and to see them all out there, ready to run, and excited to hang out together, made me quite emotional.

Our first runners came in quick!  Like 40 minutes quick.  We wrote down each time and compared it to the prediction time.  Throughout the next hour, runners came in smiling, cheering, and excited to have completed the course.  As crazy as it sounds, we had a tie for first place.  These guys were so close to their prediction time.  We didn’t allow watches, iPods, or phones, so these two were on point!  Our third place winner was just under 2 minutes away from his prediction time.

We Ran…Now We Must Eat

We didn’t want a celebration centered around food, but we knew food was a necessity.  Union Public House went above and beyond to provide that for us!  UPH donated a HUGE pot of their gumbo for our post race party.  It was amazing…I think I had three bowls.  THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!  In addition to the gumbo, everyone brought something to share.  Looking at the food table, there was trail mix, Primal muffins, jerky, dessert, fruit, and just about everything in between.  We had such a variety, and everything tasted SO GOOD.

After the run, everyone was able to hang out, grab some gumbo, eat some snacks, and have plenty of coffee.  We did our award ceremony and congratulated out winners – Kevin Madderra, Kayla Hamel, and Scott Amick.  Following the run, we laughed and enjoyed the company of our fellow FOF crew.  If you don’t know any of the Fixed on Fitness family, you are missing out because we have some really amazing people!

Let’s Do It Again in 2019!

This event was a HUGE success.  We had a blast, we got a workout, and we spent time together as a community.  I’m pretty sure we will be planning our next 10K for 2019….or maybe we will do an 11K to celebrate 11 years.  Either way, this was an amazing time to get together outside of our workouts and bring all four FOF locations to one place.

If you are celebrating something, think outside the box.  Everything doesn’t always have to be a traditional party.  We had more fun running 6.2 miles and then hanging out for a few hours afterward than we would have had in a stuffy environment with a buffet of food.  It was a family friendly event with kids and spouses, and all of our Fixed on Fitness people.

If you don’t have a workout community, come check out our workouts in Pensacola, Pace, Perdido, or Cantonment.  We’ve got all fitness levels and one incredibly motiving community of people.

Thank you to Dunn Media for taking pictures during our event.  To see the FOF 10-Year Anniversary 10K photos, click here.

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