Change. You want it. I want it. Where is your focus? Is it on the short term, or are you focused on long term success?

What goal are you chasing? This goal, accomplishment, or success is the top or the peak of your mountain. It’s the thing you are climbing toward, working for, and grinding away at. What happens when you get there? The top is exciting, but it only lasts an instant. You blink and it’s over.

In today’s Mindset Monday, I’m talking about the key to long term success. That key isn’t found at the top of the mountain. It’s found in the process that it takes you to get there. Life changes when you become about the process instead of just about the top or the peak. When you can learn to love the hustle, the grind, the work, and the journey, the top becomes so much more exciting.

The Top

Mindset Monday – The Top

Love the Process

If you are going to find long term success, you must embrace both patience and practice. If you missed the Mindset Monday a few weeks ago on practice, check it out here. Practice and patience are key ingredients that can’t be ignored.

The process is fun. It’s the place where you grow, learn, risk, experiment, succeed, fail, and laugh along the way. The process is full of hard work, plenty of hustle, and a lot of grind. The top is great and rewarding, but it’s over in an instant. The process is where you spend your time…so, learn to love it.

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Have an awesome day! I’ll be cheering you on.


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