It’s time for another Wednesday workout.  This week, you will need to grab your watch.  You will also need a weight and a medicine ball.  If you do not have access to equipment, go ahead and substitute any body weight exercise into the structure of this workout.

Remember…the goal of any workout on a clock is for you to work as hard as possible during the work interval.  

30/30/30 x 3

The structure of today’s workout is 30 seconds of work on the first exercise / 30 seconds of work on the second exercise / 30 seconds rest.  You will repeat the 30/30/30 three times before moving to the next set of exercises.

Take a one minute break after you complete the third round.

  • Swing Snatch Right Arm / Left Arm / Rest x 3
  • Sky Ball / Medicine Ball Clean / Rest x 3
  • Chest Press / Leg Lift / Rest x 3
  • Sit and Press / Russian Twist / Rest x 3
  • Thruster / Deadlift / Rest x 3
  • Mountain Climber / Jumping Jack / Rest x 3

Get your Sweat On

We hope you enjoy this one.  I really love this structure, and I think you will too.  You can use this structure with absolutely any exercise.  If you are enjoying the Wednesday workouts, come out and try a week of workouts with us for FREE.  You can contact us for your free week here.

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