How do you feel about mornings? Do you love them? Do you hate them?

See, so many people start their morning in a rushed, chaotic state. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always lead to the most productive day.

A solid morning routine can help take your morning from crazy to calm. A morning routine can take you from feeling rushed to feeling in control of your day.

A typical morning

How did your day start today? Did you have extra time this morning? Were you late? Did you feel overwhelmed before you even got to work?

The morning sets the tone for the entire day. It is so important to make an effort to start your day off well. By doing so, it positively affects the rest of your day.

Think about two different scenarios for a moment.

Scenario #1

The alarm goes off. You hit snooze {but you accidentally turned the alarm off}. You jump out of bed, run for the coffee, and you down it as fast as possible. Time for another cup. You jump in the shower, get the kids up, pour some cereal. As you run out the door, you grab a quick bar, and you rush to the car. You put the last bit of your make up on, drop the kids off, and now you run through Starbucks because you are exhausted, and you really need a pick me up. Finally, you make it to the office, and your work day begins.

Scenario #2

The alarm goes off 15 minutes early. You get up, and you grab a glass of water. You sit in the quiet for a few minutes, read, journal, or just set your intention for the day. Next, you run through some basic movements to get your body going. You pour your coffee and get dressed. You wake the kids up, make a quick {but nutrient dense} breakfast of scrambled eggs, fruit, and avocado. When you get in the car, you feel relaxed and in control. You drop the kids off on time, you get to work early, and you are ready for a productive day.

Where do you fall?

Do you tend to fall into scenario #1 or scenario #2? If you fall into scenario #1, you are not alone. Many people begin each and every single day this way, and then they wonder why they are tired and exhausted all the time.

So, how can you move from a rushed morning to a calm morning?

Key elements to a morning routine

Get up. A successful morning starts with a commitment to getting up just a few minutes earlier. Giving yourself 10-20 extra minutes in the morning can make a huge difference in your day.

Hydrate. Instead of running straight for the coffee pot, grab some water first. You wake up dehydrated, and grabbing coffee first doesn’t do the body any favors. Chug some water, and then go for the bean juice.

Move. Get your body moving. You’ve been lying still for hours. Some simple stretches or calisthenics can help loosen up your joints before you start your day. Try a quick yoga flow or some jumping jacks and push ups.

Sit. Taking 5-10 minutes to clear your head and set your intention for the day will set you up for success. Grab your journal or just mentally run through your day. What do you have going on? How can you best respond to situations you will deal with? How can you be your best?

Eat. Swap the high carb, sugar packed, processed foods like cereal, bars, toast, or pastries for nutrient dense foods. Nourishing your body first thing will help you stay focused and full longer. Not a breakfast eater…that’s totally cool. Just make sure your first meal is full of real food.

Set yourself up for success

Try a few variations of a morning routine, and see how different your day is. We’d be willing to bet that you make better food choices, you are more patient, you get more done, and you actually perform better in your workout when you start your day on the right foot.

Commit to your morning routine, and it will become an easy part of your day. You’ve got this.

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