Change. So often, many of us desperately desire change in one area of life or another. What gets us there? Is it willpower? Maybe the ability to perform the desired habit every single day for 21 days?

In our line of work, we work with people that are seeking change. They might want to lose weight, or eat better, or begin an exercise program, or just stop the negative self talk that weighs them down day in and day out. Whatever it is, many have tried various programs before coming to us.

Most of the time, those programs have all had one thing in common. They encourage you and teach you to rely on willpower. When you make a poor choice, you might be told that you just need more willpower or you just need to train your brain a little harder. So, pretty much, you feel like a failure because you just never seem to have enough willpower to make changes stick long term. Hmmm.

So, do you really need more willpower?

I would argue that change is not a matter of willpower. Change is a matter of habit. So, how do we create positive habits? Well, that’s where it can get sticky.

See, as humans, we are wired to take the easy route. We want the path of least resistance. So, if we want to change, the habits that will take us to that positive change better line up on that path that our brain believes to be the easiest.

Willpower comes in a limited supply. Most of that willpower is used up before you even finish up your work day. You’ve held it together in traffic, you’ve been calm and collected during the never ending work meeting, and then you didn’t lose it on the phone with a snarky client. All of these actions require willpower.

Mindset Monday: Willpower

Take a listen to this week’s Mindset Monday as I dive into this matter of willpower.

Mindset Monday: Willpower

It’s time to create habits.

Life is a collection of habits. If you aren’t making the choices that you need to make in order to get to where you want to go, it’s not a lack of willpower that’s stopping you. It’s a lack of habits.

Get your day and your week to work for you. Set yourself up for success.

Want help? We have a limited number of spots currently available in our Project You program. Want to see if it’s a good fit for you? Schedule a FREE call with us here.

Make sure you check out last week’s Mindset Monday. Last week, I talked all about the power of rest.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

– KP

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